Stairlift Installation

If getting up and down the stairs seems like a daunting task, a stairlift may be the solution. At In Motion Services, our mobility experts can provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice regarding various stairlift options. 
We offer stairlifts which are straight and curved, and can be installed indoors and out. We provide free in-home estimates. Contact us today to get more information - 416-638-9522 or


Stairlifts generally vary in cost based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: 

swivel options, folding rails, and other power options. As well, curved staircases generally require a custom made stairlift. 

Straight stairlifts typically start at about $3,000.00. Power upgrade options are available. 

Curved stairlifts typically start at about $9,000.00. Power upgrade options are available.


Your insurance coverage plan may cover stairlifts. In order to find out whether you have coverage, please contact your insurance provided and ask. If you require an estimate, In Motion Services will have a Stairlift technician come to your home to provide you with an estimate. 


A straight stairlift with limited upgrades and options generally takes a few hours to install. A curved stairlift with multiple landings and more complex options can take up to 5 hours to install.