Rubber Angled Entry Mat


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Transitions Angled Entry Mat does not interfere with door tracks and works well with sliding doors!

The Transitions Angled Entry Mat - is accommodating for doorways inside and outside. It does not interfere with the door track and works especially well with sliding glass doors. It is made with 100% recycled rubber and provides a smooth and safe entry or exit.

100% Recycled Rubber

Made with 100% recycled rubber, the Transitions Angled Entry Mat is eco-friendly and can be used safely on nearly any surface. By nature, the recycled rubber material is slip-resistant, so users can feel secure and confident when using the Transitions Angled Entry Mat. It truly is a safe "welcome mat" for any home.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

For indoor or outdoor use, the Transitions Angled Entry Mat is accommodating for any user, anywhere.

Sleek Design

The Rubber Angled Entry Mat is durable, secure solid rubber that is designed for years of continuous use. With a sleek design that is ideal for door transitions making it easy to move to another door.

Product Width:Â 40" - 43"
Product Depth:Â 14" - 25"
Product Height:Â 1.5" - 2.5"
Product Information
Warranty:Â Lifetime
Weight Capacity:Â 850 lbs.
Product Weight:Â 14 lbs - 31 lbs.
Average Shipping Weight:Â 14 lbs. - 37 lbs.

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