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Optimal support and stability.

With the Gemino 60 Walker you get the best of both worlds: The comfortable rolling characteristics and stability of the Gemino 60 and the additional support and safety you’d expect from a ‘walker’. Adjust the forearm supports and push handles to fit your needs, and enjoy more freedom indoors - and outdoors.

Adjustable Forearm Supports for Enhanced Stability

This lightweight rollator features forearm supports with integrated push handles and brakes - designed for optimal support and stability, and easy use. Adjust to suit your height and enjoy a comfortable walking position.

Comfortable & Safe Outdoor Use

The Gemino 60 Walker is the only ‘medical walker’ on the market tested and approved for outdoor use. The sturdy frame design coupled with extra-large soft wheels allow you to go out in total comfort and safety. Cobbled streets or thresholds in your home? With the Gemino 60 Walker you’ll overcome any obstacle with ease.

Perfect Companion for Gait Training

The Gemino 60 Walker rollator makes for a great training partner if you need to learn to walk again. The ergonomically designed forearm supports give you the support and stability you need, and due to the large wheels and sturdy frame design you can also safely extend your practice to an outdoor setting.

Award-Winning Design

With the Gemino 60 Walker you get all the key features of our award-winning Gemino 30 rollator. Choose from 2 frame sizes, complete with practical accessories and enjoy 100% comfort, safety and design.

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